Demo 2012

by Damaged Goods

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released March 14, 2012

Dante Fotino - Drums / Vocals
Matt Morgantini - Guitar / Vocals



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Damaged Goods New Jersey

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Track Name: Necessary Violence
i see kids like you day after day
brick by boring brick, you're all the same
looking for a fight is that all that you can do?
you macho jock meatheads and your lame ass crew
picking fights with anyone who comes across your way, does it make you feel tough starting trouble everyday?
i can't even stand the sight of it, when i look at your face i feel nothing but disgusted
I'm done with your shit and so is everybody else
you're like a loser drug dealer who steals what he sells
I've got the right attitude
keep it real only fight when you need to
don't fall into a stereotype
with a bunch of macho lowlifes
it doesn't make you tough and neither does a loaded gun
Track Name: Retrospect
what used to be special isn't the same anymore.
I know I say this time and time again, it's me.
I feel it inside of me just put this to an end.
It's amazing how as the years in your life go by, everything else goes down.
Track Name: My Beliefs
I'm always ready to share my views
i don't give a shit about what you think
its not gonna make me change
its not gonna make me change
you are what you smoke and that dope is trash
you are what you smoke and that dope is trash
its only bringing you down
get a life its just a
waste of cash
Track Name: Super Bunny & Wonder Kitty
everywhere the muzzle can silence the cry
but nothing will stop the bullet to your brain,
it happens everyday and I'm done keeping quiet
ill be louder than those rattling cages i promise,
every bark will not be as loud as your screams, we'll see how you like it, nothing will stop the bullet to your brain, bullet to your brain
Track Name: J.C.E
Walk away to careless shit heads, break the boundaries you set for yourself. Dying is in your path, as is hopelessness. Your "friends" wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.